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Listen up ya'll...if you know of a good link that deals with quality, authentic goods please feel free to add them here.
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Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:22 pm


Re: Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:39 pm


W & T were our favorite commrcial makers (short of custom order).


I am still waiting on trousers going back to 2004 or 2005 or so.

What was happening in the Way Back Daze is that they had jsutr expanded from WWII clothing and IMHO got caught off guard by the interest and demand for their better than run-of-the-mill "Wah Maker's" type low-end stuff.
So they got swamped, and stopped answering their telephione or replying to emails. And back orders started dragging and dragging out.

We learned that when they did answer thephone, it was best to ask them WHAT they had in inventory and in stock, and then buy your size from what was on hand rather than go down the black hole of an order.

My last order went into limbo. They still have not activated the "Pantaloon" button, but years ago I got through and wante to order 3-4 pairs of pantaloons. They said they were out of most of the fabrics except for the outrageous colors and prints but we expecting a shipment of fabric withn a few weeks.

Well, granted I have not been aggressive in pursuing this at all, but it has been years and years.

I wonder of they have recoverd, as I could use some pantaloon?!


I see their web page has not changed in years.

Re: Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:42 pm



Test 1 ,2, 3.

I just tried to order two pairs of trousers, for S & G's, and their web site will not allow one to buy.



Pantless and Pantaloonless Posse

Re: Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:38 am

W&T was a sideline venture of Lost Battalions, makers of WW2 German uniforms. When the company went belly up a few years back, the owner left lots of people hanging. A gentleman from California is trying to rebuild the company, but all of the sideline stuff is in limbo.

Re: Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:22 pm

Playing with a bit of necromancy here, hope Abdul Alhazred isn't watching me.

I recently took delivery of a complete sack suit from Walton and Taylor. It is of topnotch quality and I would highly suggest them to anyone looking for a suit. While they are not the cheapest option in town they are certainly above the standard fare.

Re: Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:47 pm


Glad to hear, as W & T were mine and two pards' almost sole off-the-rack, store bought general store goods store!

I take it the "new" company or reincarnation is up and running. I did not search yet, but do they have a new and functioning web site?

"I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes." Henry David Thoreau, on "economy" in 'Walden."


NOT advice I have followed in my life. :)


Re: Walton & Taylor Mercantile

Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:06 pm


Dennis Deck took over production after Ed Walton left the scene. When I talked to Dennis a few weeks ago, he was nearly exhausted of all of his Old West stuff, I managed to get some of the last stuff "off the rack".

He told me that Hell on Wheels cleaned him out of most of his in stock items.

Here is the latest webpage for W&T

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